3T imaging matters
3T imaging matters

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Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.   We have a special same day pay policy.  This often results in the most reaasonable price for a non contrast MRI $500.  If you want super safe contrast we charge $200 more.


Dr. Philip Chao has performed MRI studies since 1984.  He was a dual body MRI and neuroradiology fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.  He worked on HUP1 which was the first GE Signa MRI scanner ever created.  By working with the team who developed the first 1.5T scanner he has met and worked with many of the prioneers in MR imaging.  He has authored many papers and book chapters on MR imaging. He has presented papers on MRI at various MRI meetings in the world.


What is extremely unique is that we have the patients consult with Dr. Chao if your physician requests it.  It is at no extra charge.  The patients get the results of their MRI as soon as the scan is completed in most cases.  This level of care is not available at most other facilities.  Dr. Chao has 30 plus years experience in MRI and would like to share that with other physicians and patients.

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