3T imaging matters
3T imaging matters


We are the only facilities in Delaware to offer this advanced technique (Newark and Lewes).  This measures the amount of tissue in your brain and generates a complete report which is OBJECTIVE about the regions of your brain.  This FDA approved technique is just 10 more minutes to your brain MRI scan.  It simply costs an additional $100.  I think we have the most reasomnably priced NEUROQUANT study in the US.  

    How does this help your doctor.  This can help monitor treatments.  No other scanners have the detail of 3T MRI scanners.  Using this increased detail the NEUROQUANT analysis generates a report about any changes in your brain which occured over time.  This is most useful if you get a baseline scan and then a repeat scan a year after whatever incident you want to study.  It is also useful in following neurodegenerative disorders.  It helps us to see what is occuring in your brain which helps your treatment. 

    For instance over the course of MS and treatment there is usually brain atrophy.  Now using NEUROQUANT we can accurately see how miuch atrophy you are developing over time.  Obviously if we can reduce the amount of atrophy then we will have more successful treatment.  My old professor used to say - we can't really treat something until we have an accurate measurement or way to visualize a problem.  NEUROQUANT is a really useful tool.  And helps us to help our patients.

     In Alzheimer's disase NEUROQUANT has been shown to be useful in diagnosis and we would like to also add a free proton spectroscopy study at our Lewes office.  This is the MOST complete non invasive evaluation for this disease.  Using MRI there is NO ionizing radiation used.  

    NEUROQUANT is also useful in cases of solitary head trauma.  A recent study from NYU said we can use 3T imaging to evaluate a single traumatic sports event.  So for instance a single head concussion shows up one year later as demonstrable atrophy.  I can only imaging this is also useful in cases of CTE or repetitive head trauma as well as in motor vehicle accidents.  We also offer diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) which shows the white matter tracts in the brain.  We propose using a combination of NEUROQUANT and DTI for evaluation of head trauma.  We also suggest using SWI to detect subtle iron deposition and bleeding.

This is the synopsis from a recent 2015 article about Neuroquant used for traumatic brain injury and evaluation of brain atrophy in various disease processes:

NeuroQuant measures of MRI brain volume with the radiologist's traditional approach in outpatients with mild or moderate traumatic brain injury. NeuroQuant volumetric analyses were compared with the radiologists' interpretations. NeuroQuant found significantly higher rates of atrophy (50.0%), abnormal asymmetry (83.3%), and progressive atrophy (70.0%) than the radiologists (12.5%, 0% and 0%, respectively). Overall, NeuroQuant was more sensitive for detecting at least one sign of atrophy, abnormal asymmetry, or progressive atrophy (95.8%) than the traditional radiologist's approach (12.5%).


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