3T imaging matters
3T imaging matters

Newark 3T MRI

Our 3T MRI was the first in Delaware and opened in 2007.  We still are trying to educate the public and the physicians why we are NECESSARY for the best imaging of your body and brain.  We ask you to ask questions.  At 3T you see more tears, 37% more MS lesions, 20-50% more mets, and the resolution is often 2 to four times greater than 1.5T scanners.  Using HASTE we get abdominal snapshot images of the fetus in seconds.  Fetal MRI is best done at 3T.  I like to say 3T MRI is like HDTV compared to an old analog TV. Because the images are improved in signal to noise all MRA studies are better at 3T especially MRA of the brain and carotids.  Cardiac MRI is also improved.

NEUROQUANT studies can show early signs of brain atrophy.  This is the only FDA approved method for accurate diagnosis of brain tissue loss which occurs in many diseases such as MS and brain trauma.  Click on About NEUROQUANT below if you want more info.


Lewes 3T MRI 32 channel

Our second 3T MRI is a Philips 32 channel magnet from the NIH.  It is one of only a few MRI scanners in the country to have a 32 channel head coil.  Usually these high resolution coils are purchased by researchers and universities and allows us even more detail and faster scanning.  Ask us why 32 channel is better!  We also do SWI and DTI studies which detect subtle microscopic changes in the brain.  No one else in DE offers DTI studies at 3T.  We have done this since 2012.  We also do proton spectroscopy at 3T.  This scanner is capable of doing functional MRI but we wish to work with a team to offer this capability. We have multiparametric MRI of the prostate with prostate spectroscopy and DWI.

  DWIBS is a special diffusion weighted study which shows nerves and lymph nodes.  This is important in cancer studies and lymphoma.



1.5T OPEN MRI (Newark)

Our 1.5T OPEN BORE MRI is an OPEN MRI without compromise.  It has advanced software NATIVE, BLADE, HASTE, BEAT, REVEAL and ASL.  Inside the scanner is the most spacious since 2008.  We sometimes have patients that have had MRIs tried at up to 4 other providers before they fit in ours.  The table limit is 550 lbs.  This scanner is about 1 meter in length. a mother can hold her child even while they are in the scanner.  It is the friendliest and nicest MRI scanner in the world.  Remember it is not only the scanner but the people that run the scanner.  We have Loki a service labrador to comfort our patients.  You also get results from the doctor right after you are scanned.  Watch TV during your scan.

    There is much more SPACE inside this scanner for all patients.  Advanced pulse sequences  like REVEAL showa early cancer.  NATIVE shows blood flow with EKG gating.  I usually say it is useful to try imaging blood vessels without contrast first.  We have these advanced sequences since 2008.  BLADE and HASTE freeze motion.


The widest MRI since 2008 in DE

Sometimes patients go to 4 other MRI centers before coming to us.

You can watch TV during most scans (about 60% of scans).  Any scan which involves your lumbar spine or lower body part usually means  your head is outside our super short bore 1.5T scanner.  This is an OPEN MRI with super high quality.  The 1.5T also means we scan faster.  We can usually complete your scan in 15 minutes.  Other OPEN MRI scanners take 45 minutes.

   We also have prism glasses and a service animal Loki who is trained to calm the patients down.  We are the ONLY facility to have this capability to help our patients.  Loki is usually available on Friday mornings.

IV sedation

We are the ONLY facility in Delaware offering IV sedation for $50.  This is the cost of the Valium that we use.  We do this so you can have your possibly life saving MRI.  Most doctors and patients do not realize there are some diagnoses only seen with a good MRI study.  We have done sedation since 1990 without complication - but all the other providers say they cannot offer this because a physician has to be present.  We always have a physician present!  The physician also gives you your results after the exam is over.

   You can also try sedation by mouth first which is usually prescribed by your doctor.  We are happy to work with you to use the least invasive sedation possible.  It also helps to have Loki our service animal to calm the patients down.  We are the only facility to have a trained animal for your comfort.  Also we have a massage chair in the waiting room for your ride person.  They get a free massage while waiting.



Safer contrast

The concept of safe contrast is NEW since 2007.  Only MRI Consultants has followed this policy for 9 years plus.  It means we have never created a case of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF).  MR contrast is much safer than CT contrasta but still there is a risk of buildup of the contrast in your brain if older contrasts are used.  It also means we use the least contrast possible and the most stable contrasts available.  Our contrasts do not build up in the brain.  An informed patient is our BEST patient.  see www.safestcontrast.com (click on button below)  Safe contrast means we care.  It costs us more to offer the best and safest contrasts.  We feel it is worth it.  YOU ARE WORTH IT.  I think the fact we have a website and also have done this for 9 years is a testimonial to our forward thinking.



clearer pictures and faster imaging is important.  Most people do not know this. *nor doctors

Our attention to service and quality has made us the best MRI facility in Delaware since 2007 to offer 3T MR imaging.  Just the other day we scanned a doctors wife who was told there was nothing wrong with her knee.  We found 5 abnormalities which were missed. The patient had months of physical therapy which could have been improved by a more accurate diagnosis. There were also 5 physician visits as well which were for steroid injections which again were for the improper diagnosis.  Good MRI saves money and time.  Most doctors do not know there are literally hundreds of diagnoses which are improved by scanning at 3T.  When you are in your physician's office the scheduler only knows the usual places to send patients.  We are really different.  At our facilities there is a physician who is present during your scan.  He or she will explain the results to you after your scan is completed.  He also monitors the scan to make sure it is the best scan which can be done.  Other facilities say they cannot afford to have a physician present.  We think and do differently!  We accept most insurances and also offer a same day pay discount.  We can often be cheaper than being scanned in network - if you have out of network benefits. More importantly 3T finds abnormalities missed by other less capable scanners.


Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Use our website (click above on 3T MRI Consultants) to get detailed information about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to working with you.  If you prefer an OPEN MRI click on (BEST OPEN MRI),  You can also email us through our contact webmail.  We answer within a day!